• Tusen Takk Residency

    Tusen Takk Residency

    The month of April was one of rich discovery in my path as a printmaker. The opportunity to be a guest artist in the printmaking studio at Tusen Takk Foundation residency (with my friend Royce Deans) yielded a new series of monotypes focused on looking waves directly in the face. The monotypes are expansive in nature, based on a simplified color palette, relying on textural marks to define shapes.

    Here's a link to a blog post about the residency from Tusen Takk:
    Reflections on a Residency

    And a link the monotypes on my site here:
    Monotypes from Tusen Takk

  • 2022 Indiana Printmaking Exhibit/Residency

    2022 Indiana Printmaking Exhibit/Residency

    Miller Beach Arts and Creative District
    Marshall J. Gardner Center for the Arts
    October 21 to November 26, 2022
    Angela Saxon and Royce Deans

    A month long exhibition of exhibition of paintings and monotypes; a two-week pop up printmaking studio in the gallery space with all 3 artists at work. Classes for adults and students, a free community printmaking day, with regular hours for visiting the artists at work.