Solo show in Ohio

Paintings, Monotypes and Drawings by Angela Saxon
Opening Friday, May 3, 2019

Hudson Gallery
5645 Main St, Sylvania, OH 43560

Here’s some of my thoughts about this new series…hope to see you there.

Nature is so full of desire and longing, we try to connect but only have awkward ways to express our exhilaration in contrast with what is out there. Over the top sensual, thrilling color and shape and pattern and sound. My search for this forms the basis for my work.

I had a magical encounter with a splashy creek full of quiet pools and all form of waterfalls in a deep forest. My backpack was full of paints and panels and a series of small plein air paintings resulted. The last seven months have found me in my studio unpacking this passion on to large canvases, drawings and monotypes.

I’m regularly inspired by the spectacular landscape surrounding me here in northern Michigan in Leelanau County. Primarily a landscape painter, I’m also regularly engaged with painting the figure.