Artist Statement

The visual language of landscape is one that we most fundamentally share. Sky, trees, water: these are some of the most basic visual concepts that structure our perception of reality. But for all the commonality in these concrete objects, for each of us the experience of seeing is slightly different, being inevitably inflected by the perception of the observer.

As a perceptual painter, Angela translates her observations of nature into a personal dialect of color, shape, line and light, expressive marks that both describe and negate their subject matter. Using this unique language, she is able to evoke more than the landscape in her atmospheric work, imbuing it with added purpose and clarity of vision.

Beginning on location, Angela’s process moves from the generation of small plein air paintings or drawings to larger studio work. The multiple steps of interpretation allow her to both capture the immediacy of her ever-shifting nature settings, and to meditate deeply and constructively on her pieces in the more formal and removed space of the studio. Her work typically moves from a depiction of concrete details into an intensified geometry, pushing toward abstracted shapes that are reminiscent of known forms but that have a purpose in the painting other than merely describing that known form. Her visual exploration of the natural world also regularly includes painting from the figure, as well an ongoing series of explorations into monotype making. Angela typically works in series, painting through an idea resolution and then making further way forward to a new piece as the outcome of this process.

While her painting is direct and confident, she also takes risks regularly and remains open to happy accident and creative chance: the way that a brush full of paint feels its way around the arc of a shoreline, inadvertently dragging bright green through pale blue. Contained in the open space between communication and doubt, Angela’s work is in a constant state of evolution.


Angela Saxon lives and works in beautiful northern Michigan near Traverse City — surrounded by the spectacular Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore. She received a BFA in painting from Indiana University. Recent painting residencies have included Rome and the Sabina region, Italy; Tuscany and Chianti regions, Italy; Umbria, Italy; Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico; Palm Springs, California; Glen Arbor, Michigan. Her paintings are shown in galleries throughout the US and her work is held in both private and public collections; she also undertakes commissions.

Studio visits welcomed by appointment. 231 631 5079 or email

I also curate an artist-run gallery space at BLK\MRKT in Traverse City with artist Carol C. Spaulding.

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Selected Exhibitions + Awards + Collections
2021: Painters Printing/Miller Edition: 2-week residency with Anne Corlett and Royce Deans, Miller Beach Arts & Creative District, Gary, IN
2019: In the Quiet: solo exhibition, Hudson Gallery, OH
2019: As Shade to Sun: solo exhibition, Vivid Art Gallery, IL
2018: Pulse: The Human Narrative: group figurative exhibition, Hudson Gallery, OH
2018: Rock, Cashmere Sweater: collaborative exhibition with Carol C. Spaulding, The Provincial, MI
2018: Night Slips in Around the Edges: solo exhibit, Glen Arbor Arts Center, MI
2018: Cities Like Dreams, Swamps Where Cedars Grow: group exhibition, The Provincial, MI
2017: Painting Residency: Rome and the Sabina region, Italy
2015: Painting Residency: San Casciano, Italy
2015: Art in America on Tour, curated by Julie Torres, featuring work by one artist from each of the 50 states, The Satellite Show, Miami, FL; Elizabeth Stone Harper Gallery, Clinton, SC
2015: This Land, 5-person exhibition, Hudson Gallery, Sylvania, OH
2015: “Scapes,” Roan + Black, Saugatuck, MI
2015: Painting Leelanau: 5th Annual, Old Art Building, Leland
2015:”Figural”, BLK MRKT, Traverse City
2014: Italian residency: Rome, Florence, Assisi
2014: Best in Show: Leland Air
2013: “Art of the Sleeping Bear Dunes,” group exhibition and full color book; Dennos Museum Center
2013: Solo exhibition: Warm Springs Gallery, Charlottesville, VA
2013: Best in Show: Leland Air, plein air event, Leland
2012: 4th place, Northwest Michigan Regional Exhibition, Dennos Museum Center, Traverse City
2012: Painting Leelanau: 2nd Annual, Old Art Building, Leland
2011: Interpreting Leelanau: Exhibit at the Old Art Building, Leland, MI
2011: Group Landscape Exhibit, Water Street Gallery
2010: Landscape Exhibition, Water Street Gallery
2009: “The Saugatuck Dunes: Artists Respond to a Freshwater Landscape”,  full color book
2009: American Places + Spaces, Water Street Gallery
2009: Chicago Salon: One-Person Exhibition
2009: One-Person Exhibition: Mezzanine Gallery, Cleveland
2009: His, Hers and Theirs: exhibition with Royce Deans, MI
2009: Ann Arbor Salon: One-Person Exhbition
2008: Nature Interpreted, Group Exhibition, Emily Amy Gallery, Atlanta, GA
2008: Art in Embassies program collection, Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of Congo
2008: Sky & Water, Group Exhibition, Water Street Gallery, Douglas, MI
2007: Jon Stryker private collection, Kalamazoo, MI
2006: Northwest Michigan Regional Exhibition, Dennos Museum, Traverse City
2004: 1st Place, 24th Juried Fine Arts Exhibition, Crooked Tree Arts Center, Petoskey, MI
2004: One-Person Exhibition, Michigan Artists Gallery, Suttons Bay, MI
2002: One-Person Exhibition, Water Street Gallery
2002: One-Person Exhibition, Lake Street Studios, Glen Arbor, MI
2001: Honorable Mention, Int’l Society of Experimental Artists,  Dennos Museum
2001: Honorable Mention: Oils & Acrylics, A Juried Show,Traverse Area Arts Council
2001: Group Exhibition, Landscapes of Community, Dennos Museum Center
2000: Group Exhibition, Seven, Parallel Arts Gallery, Northport, MI
2000: Landscapes of Community, Group Exhibition, Dennos Museum Center
1998: Second Place: All-Media Show, Traverse Area Arts Council
1996: First Place: All-Media Show, Traverse Area Arts Council
1996: Regional Exhibition, Dennos Museum, Juror: MaryAnn Wilkinson, DIA

BFA in Painting from Indiana University, currently living in Leelanau County in Traverse City, Michigan.