Angela Saxon landscape paintings, Pink Pool 2

In-Between Series

I came across my blog from many years ago, and decided to pick it up again. So here goes, 2016, blog post #1

Smaller plein air paintings. Larger studio canvases. There is a gap that exists between the two of them.

The problem that I put before myself in the large studio canvases is how to bridge that gap, to sort out the energy and immediacy in the plein air paintings (these days they are gouache and watercolor crayon on paper, very portable so I can take them anywhere), and then figure out what it is that I want to convey in the studio work. Sometimes, it’s a smooth process. I stand in front of the canvas and I can almost step into the world that I see there. It’s just a matter of painting what I see in a way. An all together new environment emerges. But other times, it’s more challenging. I think I know where I’m going, but then I get caught up in details and lose sight of the place I’m trying to paint.

Thus was born the ‘in-between’ paintings. I use the same pots of acrylic that I use for the large canvases so even though they are small (@5-6″ x 7″), they share that same palette. The smaller size very much helps me to reorient myself during the painting process. They are invaluable.

pinkpool1Angela Saxon landscape paintings, Pink Pool 1
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