Farmhouse Playing Cards

My great friend, and wonderful painter, Anne Corlett invited me to spend a glorious week at her family farmhouse in Saugatuck. We painted our little hearts out all week. At the beginning of my stay, Anne handed me a few playing cards she’d rescued from the trash. I almost had forgotten that a few years back I made a series of oils on the little rectangles. So very casually I grabbed one and did a study before starting a larger painting.

I was surprised at how pleasing they were! Using a large-ish brush (5/8″ filbert) I could really focus only on the big abstract elements of whatever I was looking at, and this in turn really helped me to organize the larger painting.

Here are the 8 cards from that trip. I think I’m going to continue doing more this summer.


FarmhouseCard_1 FarmhouseCard_2 FarmhouseCard_3 FarmhouseCard_4 FarmhouseCard_5 FarmhouseCard_6 FarmhouseCard_7 FarmhouseCard_8