Cities like Dreams, Swamps where cedars grow

Angela Saxon, Engagement with a PatioI’m so happy to be a part of a wonderful upcoming show…
I’ll have this small gouache/crayon painting Engagement with a Patio in the exhibit.

…here’s the details

The Provincial presents:
A major exhibition featuring over 50 works by 29 artists
June 17- July 15, 2017
Free and open to the public on Saturdays from 12-4 during exhibition or by appointment

Events in conjunction with the show:

Champagne Opening
Saturday, June 17 from 12-4pm

Artists as Organizers, Artists as Agitators
Sunday, July 9 from 2-4pm
A panel discussion with artists Michael Huey and Douglas Witmer and poet Jennifer Sperry Steinorth

Saturday, July 15 at 3pm
A preview performance created by Gretchen Eichberger and Jennifer Sperry Steinorth. This is a limited seating RSVP closing celebration, please contact Melanie at 231.633.8772 to make reservations.
CITIES, LIKE DREAMS, SWAMPS WHERE CEDARS GROW is a monument to friendship. These artists brought together by poetry and creating work which is inevitably tied to a rooted sense of home – however near or far – show us memory and connection with material, gesture and a sense of touch.

The title of the show conjoins the lines of Italo Calvino and E.B. White, two writers who centralized friendship and vivid attachment to place, emphasizing poetic and fertile fields of desire, inquiry, recollection, and parallel bonds made only through relationships.

All of the artists share a spark of belonging to Northern Michigan, yet many live and draw their work from as far as Philadelphia, Brooklyn, Vienna and Italy.

For example, Italy looms large in the show. Mary Judge, Alison Hall, Angela Saxon, Emil Robinson and Joan Gallagher Richmond make their own self-driven and extended residencies in Italy, sourcing the ancient country’s intricate architectural elements and particular light into their own translations.

Many of the artists, such as Cece Chatfield and Dorothy Stites Alig actively foster a direct narrative with friendship, the relational or intimate as interconnected subjects in their work.

Douglas Witmer of Philadelphia, Catherine Haggarty of Brooklyn, and Trent Miller of Milwaukee are instrumental driving forces organizing artist-run spaces in their own cities. Their drawings and paintings, while abstracted or synopsized, investigate the possibilities of dialogical and expansive generosity.

The landscape and human body influence the images of Royce Deans, Tim Kennedy, Eve Mansdorf, Shawn Powell, Kestrel Blue Hendrickson and Geoffrey Peckham, giving suggestion to the immediate, the raw, fantastical and contemplative.

Local artists Carol Spaulding, Sallie Stanley, Sandy Lockwood, and Amanda Acker draw material and reverie from their daily lives and close proximity to family.

Michael Huey, a writer and conceptual artist who splits his time between Vienna and Leelanau County, inhabits a cinematic memory. Through archival processes and in-depth research Huey contributes new and vivid projects epic in scale and relevance to the exhibition.

For Jennifer Sperry Steinorth, Gretchen Eichberger, Mark Cole, Pier Wright, Margaret Tvedten, Jordan Buschur, and Jesse Hickman poetry and craft re-contextualize meaning in their process-based works.

Catherine Richards, an architect by training, fuses architectural and collaborative elements to encourage viewer interaction. Her interdisciplinary approach creates art works from sculpture to installations to city wide interventions. Richards credits her family’s farm in Northern Michigan, a historic site where botanists developed hybrid species of apples and cherries, as the impetus for her plant-based references in this show.


The Provincial is an artist-run project space organized by Melanie Parke. The exhibition program is committed to highly curated, pioneering shows and performances throughout the year with small gatherings and community events to accompany each artistic production. The storefront gallery welcomes collaborations with invited artists and curators, and includes a homespun, independently driven residency in a pastoral setting.

The Provincial
7325 Chief Road
Kaleva, Michigan 49645
For more information contact Melanie Parke at | 231 633 8772