Angela Saxon paintings

Thinking in 3D

Looking at things in a different way. Discovering ways to shift perceptions. Offering a new way to look at the familiar. This is what my brain is all about in my work. And my work for the most part involves flat surfaces.

When my friend Paula suggested we have a holiday sale, it inadvertently nudged me to a new place in my studio. Well, not completely a new place – a number of years ago I made some 3D sculptures from my paintings, mounting them on wood cubes. I made three of them, and sold them, and then forgot all about them.

But in getting ready for this show, I found 3 more of those blank wood cubes…and then looked at the stack of paintings on paper I’d made in the last year or so, and started cutting. It’s challenging to section the painting so it reads on a 6-sided shape. Getting 3 of the faces to work together is kind of straightforward, but having them all read as a whole has taken some time, (a number of paintings have fallen to the cause). I’m totally into it! It feels a lot like the way that I look when I’m outside painting, looking up and down and near and far is somehow similar….except I get to cut and paste.
These cubes (more than 3 now and it two sizes) will be for sale during the Holiday Home Show on Saturday, Dec 4 in Traverse City. Here’s a Facebook link.